Science professionals


Your mastery of the infinitely small will allow us to accomplish the infinitely great

Do you want responsibilities that align with your expertise? The right tools to get the job done? To work with leaders who actively look for people with different points of view?

Welcome to one of Canada’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies — this is where it all starts, this is where it all gets done.

The best laboratory to perfect your skills

From research and development to quality control, we have a job for you in line with your ambitions.

Pharmascience is, and always will be, a company on a human scale with a multicultural face. We choose to maintain a stimulating work environment every day, based on trust, cooperation and continuous improvement. After all, these are the conditions that make you want to do your best, right?

Here is an overview of our departments offering careers in science:


  • Research and development
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Medical information and pharmacovigilance
  • Quality control and assurance

An environment designed for you:


Beyond our laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed to maintaining an environment that promotes your development.

Maintain work-life balance thanks to our flexible working conditions and on-site services, such as gyms offering training programs and subsidized cafeterias in our facilities.

Enjoy responsibilities that will broaden your horizons and take advantage of our personal and professional development programs, offered in-person and online through the Talent Hub.

Make a difference in our local communities by taking part in our charitable activities, our sports teams, or by joining our Social Committee.

Why you will love working with us:

Because the entire operations chain leading to product development is here, multiplying your opportunities for learning and advancement.

Living life to the fullest means being able to balance professional and personal life on a day-to-day basis. Rest assured that you will be able to meet this challenge and build a bright future for yourself at Pharmascience.

Bring your expertise to life

Join our network of experts who work tirelessly to improve the wellbeing of patients and customers in Canada and around the world.